COGEN: Sword of Rewind - Patch Notes Version 1.02

Update 1.02 is now live!

Target Platforms:
Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S / Steam

This update adds new difficulty modes to the game, and includes a number of quality of life improvements.

If you've been thinking about trying Cogen but are worried about the difficulty, or are hesitating to recommend Cogen to a friend for the same reason, we hope these changes will convince you to change your mind. Oh, and if you've beaten the game already and are looking for an even more deliciously hard challenge, we've got a brand-new Hard Mode just for you. Give it a shot!

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we kindly ask you to apply the latest update.

■Difficulty Added: Casual Mode

    This mode reduces the game difficulty, and is ideal for those who want to play through the game to experience the story.

  • Jump limit: 2x > 3x

  • The rewind gauge charges much faster

  • You are invincible while dashing forward

  • Gain a barrier that nullifies 3 enemy attacks (Falling or getting crushed still kills you.)

  • Points earned (scoring) are reduced on the Results screen (Bonuses can still be earned, but points gained for Clear Time, Crushed Enemies, and Death Count are reduced to 0.)

  • You can now choose to skip the post-stage Results screen entirely (The Results screen will be disabled in Casual Mode by default, but can be toggled via the Options menu.)

■Difficulty Added: Hard Mode

    This mode cranks up the difficulty, and provides an ultra hard challenge for those of you seeking ever greater thrills.
    It will be unlocked after beating the main story.

  • Certain enemies and bosses move faster

  • Certain enemies and bosses attack faster

  • Enemies will take less time to fire bullets

  • Boss attacks have been powered up

  • The number of checkpoints has been reduced

■New Feature: Retry from Checkpoint

    You can now use this option to return to the last checkpoint you passed through.
    When using this feature, the number of enemies crushed and your number of deaths will not be reset.

■New Feature: Suspend Game

    You can now use the Suspend feature to suspend your game. This allows you resume a stage from the save/load screen, putting you back at the last checkpoint you passed through. Be aware that only one suspend save can exist, and suspending the game a second time will overwrite the previous suspend data. Additionally, the number of enemies crushed and your number of deaths will not be reset when resuming a suspended game.
■New Feature: Skip Results Screen

    An option to skip the Results screen that is displayed upon finishing a level has been added.
    This option is disabled by default for Normal and Hard Mode, but is enabled by default for Casual Mode.
■Clarified Autosave Timing

    A system message is now displayed when finishing a stage to inform the player that an autosave has been made.
    This should make it clearer when these saves are made.
■Tweaks to Actions

  • When Dash and Jump are pressed simultaneously, Dash will now take precedence

  • Changed the Crouch action to prevent accidental crouching while moving forward

  • Wall jump actions can be interrupted and canceled by pressing Attack after performing a wall jump*

  • Removed the windup animation before performing a wall jump*

    *Actions marked with a "*" can be toggled back to their original functionality via the Options menu.

■In the next update, we plan on changing how scoring is displayed in Casual Mode.

  • The "Clear Time", "Crushed Enemies", and "Death Count" score sections will no longer show a set value, but will be removed instead.

    Some platforms have already been applied.

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